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Kurt Marine Services is experienced across all aspects of boat and yacht refit work.

The team are the trusted partners to many of the Solent's foremost Yacht Agents, Marinas and boat owners. Although we are based in Hamble your boat does not have to be, we can provide our services anywhere on the south coast of England.

Coppercoat - Multi Season Antifoul

Kurt Marine Services are approved Coppercoat applicators.

The first step is preparation, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned prior to application.

It can be applied straight to gelcoat provided that all paint, dirt, grease...are removed first.

We can arrange your boat to be blasted to remove the previous coatings.

The next step is application, Coppercoat should be applied in five consecutively coats in a same day by roller.

Because Copercoat is water-based, the curing process is affected by temperature and humidity. If you would like us to copper coat your vessel during the winter months we can set up a tent with a  wooden frame and heaters to keep the area at the right temperature for the application and curing process. 

After the Coppercoat is fully cured, it has to be activated by being lightly sanded to expose some copper.

Antifoul Removal

Over the years, the bottom of your boat will have a heavy build up of antifoul resulting in your boat's efficiency being reduced. Craters, blisters also are signs that the bottom is in bad condition, the antifoul needs to be removed to the bare hull to start from scratch. We can offer you two options : scraping the hull or blasting.

If you require your vessel to be blasted we always use the Eco blast system as this dustless is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Antifoul Application 

Antifoul is the process of protecting your hull from marine growth by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your boat.

The special chemical combination which includes copper and biocides, obstruct the growth of marine organisms.

The amount of antifoul paint that needs to be applied will depend on the condition of the hull.If your boat is antifouled every year, then it is likely to requires 1 coat. However if it has been a few years since its last antifoul then your vessel may need 2 coats.

Teak Refurbishment 

We believe that there is no better finish to a quality boat than teak decks.

One of many assets that Kurt Marine Services has is vast experience in woodworking . Many years working as joiners has given us attention to details and high quality workmanship.

Teak decking requires regular care and attention to maintain its performance and condition so if you have noticed damages on your teak do not wait, get in touch as we can offer refurbishment and caulking repairs.



Contact us on 07881 990845 or email us at 

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